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Consultation and Quotation

Whether you are looking for office design and space planning, to moving and installation, RPB Office Furniture provides upfront consultation and quotation for all of your office design needs. Contact us today to speak with a representative and learn more about our services.

Space Planning

Unsure about how to best utilize your office space, or if all your furniture will even fit in the space you have available? RPB Office Furniture is here to help. Beginning with a sketch, we will show you the best-fit layout to create an environment that works best for your clients, colleagues and staff. RPB also works with multiple-location clients to ensure that each facility has a similar look and layout.

Furniture Selection and Procurement

When the layout is agreed upon, RPB Office Furniture can help you select the most suitable products in a color scheme that works for your office. We have a vast network of contacts within the furniture industry. Whether you're looking for simple or high-end, used furniture or the latest, cutting-edge designs, RPB will be able to offer you options. We specialize in them all. We will negotiate the best price for all the furniture that you need and procure it for you.

Project Management

The RPB Office Furniture team will manage the entire project and installation so that your focus remains where it should be - your own business needs. We ensure that everything is built to your specifications and put in the right place while keeping business disruptions to a minimum. Should a problem arise, we'll take care of it.

Moving Services

After discussing the entire project, we will go out and select the best and most efficient moving company that matches your particular needs. For example, moving a biotech lab requires different skills than moving chairs, desks and files. All this is taken into consideration when we negotiate the job and supervise the moving crew.

This large company utilized RPB for their entire move - from floorplan layout to furniture selection.
Recycled, Reused, or Refurbished?

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